How to get sick of spondylosis

A drunk man with a luggage and a newspaper arrives at the railway station and sits on a bench near a priest. The drunk man takes  a bottle of whisky out of his bag, drinks a lot of it and then reads the newspaper quietly. At one point he tells the priest:

“Excuse me, Father, do you know why people get sick of spondylosis ?”

“Of course”, the priest answers in a cold and sarcastic courtesy. “The factors that causes spondylosis are: a messy life, the companionship of doubtful quality women, the excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco, drunks ending in borthels… All these lead to spondylosis”.

“Wowww ! I would never have believed that…”, replies the drunkard and then reads his newspaper again.

After the priest thinks for a while at what he said, he addresses again to the drunkard but this time in a gentle tone:

“Excuse me, I didn’t mean to offend you. How long are you sick with spondylosis, my son ?”

“Me ? No, Father… I’ve never been sick of this. I just read in the newspaper that the Pope is sick of spondylosis…”


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