Sex slave robot

A chick is in bed with the lover. Just as they were in full action, there was a noise at the door. Someone was trying to unlock the door…

Without fear she tells her lover:

“Stay calm and don’t say anything !”

Husband: “Surprise, darling ! I had a plane in the morning, so I got home earlier. But who is he ?”

Wife: “He was just delivered to me… imagine. It’s my sex slave, a robot with Microsoft operating system. As you see, it looks a bit like Bill Gates, don’t you think ? You are always gone… meetings, voyages… How do I know what you do when you are alone in your hotel room ? It’s like a vibrator, but bigger. You don’t want me to commit adultery with my neighbor or plumber, do you ?”

Husband : “OK, leave this. Now you don’t need it anymore because I have a crzay sex appetite !”

The wife who had just finished a good sex game, says: “No, dear, my head hurts… ”

Husband: “Damn it ! Always the same ! Okay, be nice and cook my omelette at the kitchen.”

Wife: “OK.”

The husband remains alone with the robot and says to himself: “What’s good for her it’s good for me too…”, and he throw himself on the robot.

The lover is scared and says loudly: “System Error ! USB Re-se-r-ve In-put !”

Husband: “Robot of shit !”

Being mad with anger, the husband takes the robot in his arms and goes with him to the window to throw him off the 15th floor.

The lover says again: “Pro-gra-m re-set ! Try a-gai-n !”

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