A jealous woman

We recently received an email from a reader of our blog asking for help from Dr. Parrot in a matter with her husband:

“Dear Dr. Parrot,

Last week I left for work leaving my husband in front of the TV. I got into the car and left, but after less than a mile some strange engine noises began to sound and I had to stop the car on the roadside. I returned home walking on foot as quickly as possible to ask my husband to help me.

I found my husband in the bedroom with our neighbors’ daughter. I am 32 years old, my husband is 34 and the chick is 22. We have been married for 10 years. You realize that we have quarreled, because he confessed to me that he has a relationship with that bitch for about six months.

My husband told me he was fired and that he was very depressed. He promised me he never met the bitch. I love my husband very much, but since I gave him the ultimate he is very silent, absent and distant. I’m afraid  he’ll leave me. What should I do ?

Thank you in advance,


ara Dr. Parrot’s answer:

“Dear Mary,

When a car has traveled a short distance and then stops and doesn’t want to start again, you have to consider several factors. Start by cheking if the car still has gasoline. Then check the filter and study carefully if it has a problem. Look to see if the gasket of the cylinder is OK. If all these are all right, then it means the car has problems with the tank or the injection pump.

I hope I’ve been useful to you.”


    • If you have to go to all that trouble to see if the car works it’s worth keeping the car. The car will only bring you more problems down the road, junk it!

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