Rabbi Ianki’s dog

Rabbi Ianki had a pedigree dog. One day he reads in a newspaper that in Paris for 5,000 dollars  the dog can be taught to talk in just one week. He immediately calls his son Moishole, gives him 5,000 dollars and sends him to Paris with the dog.

In Paris Moishole spends all the money on girls and fun in just two days. All night he did not sleep, being terrified that the Rabbi will kill him for speding the money. The next day Rabbi Ianki calls his son to learn how the dog is evolving. Moishole tells him everything’s going really well.

“How so ? Has it already started to talk ?”

“It doesn’t stop talking. By the way, Dad, are you still having sex with the youg lady secretary ?”

“Who told you that ?”

“The dog !”

“Know something ? Leave the dog at Paris and come home !”


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