Financial crisis

During the financial crisis two businessmen are at a bar and talking about theirs.

“How are you doing ?”

“Worst of all, and you ?”

“Very difficult, the situation is terrible…”

“Do you pay the wages to the laborers in due time ?”

“No… for two months. But you still pay them ?”

“No way !… since February. But your workers come to work ?”

“They come every morning and work. But what about yours ?”

“They also come.”

“Know somthing ? I have an idea… What if we charge them at the entrance ?”


  1. This is kind of dangerous idea, especially in the Balkans. Never have been „better“ conditions for labor force than from liberalisation and market transition. Now, we are freed from everything we have had in our possession. Free, finally. 😉

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    • Yes, a dangerous idea… Communism succeeded in imposing itself because of the faults of capitalism. Then we throw the inefficient communism into the trash and embraced the same capitalism with the same defects… and the Balkans became a forced labor colony, as you said. Looks like we do not learn anything from history…

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      • You are right. I think we are nothing but laboratory rats. Collateral damage. On the nation level. Those who have power, not just that create the future or present time, but are also cutting down again the history.

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      • The cruel truth… Wild capitalism will be maintained as long as it has an external enemy, as it is now terrorism. But evry orgy has an end and there comes a time for people to wake up…

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  2. Hi, Doctor Parrot. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing about those businessman conversation. I like it. As a worker, I am thinking, “How if, when I come to work, and he charge me at the entrance?”


    Best Regards,

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    • Hi, Your Surya.
      A famous one said: “Work has made man”.
      Poor rich businessmen struggle hard giving you work to make you man and you dont want to pay at the entrance ? Do you want them make you man for free ? They have families, mistresses, vilas and expensive cars to suport… This all costs a lot of money. So, if you want to be man then pay ! 🙂
      Best regards, too.

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      • Ok, Doctor Parrot, I pay it, because they make me be man not for free, I agree, your great opinion. Thank you very much for open my mind about this one. Nice to meet you, in here. 😉

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