Congress – Terrorized by a bear descending from the mountains and proposing bad laws


Revelations of Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who confessed today that most of the draft laws aren’t of the Republicans, but those are the work of a mad bear that periodically descends from the mountains, breaks the Congress door and make nonsense through the House.


“Me and my collegues in Congress are tired of being mocked in the press every day without us being guilty !”, Paul Ryan said. “Please believe me, I couldn’t invent anything like this. That’s real and completely true. A mad bear travels hundreds of miles a day just to put us in an unfavorable situation. The bear has initiated the health care and tax reforms bills, and now wants to shake things up with social contributions. We don’t know what to do… We also have recordings with the bear as it wrote laws.”

Being called to investigate the bear’s attacks, several…

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