1. That is so funny.
    During the 80’s I traveled quite extensively around the US.
    While in Miami, I took my fiance to the Omni for dinner and a show. During dinner she recognized my boss at another table, and with a young blonde. Is that Doug, she asked, and isn’t he married? I said yep.
    10 minutes later she noticed Lee, my co-manager with a redhead, and asked the same thing…to which I said yep. Feeling a bit confident, she said if she ever found out that I were cheating on her, she’d leave me in a NY second.
    Really, I said. And give up the car, and the house and the allowance that’s in your account every month?
    To which she replied, I bet our mistress is better looking than theirs.

    And I figured the headache joke out. No sex because she has a headache…lol.

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