Trump’s secret reviews: How to succeed in politics


No one asks you to be a successful politician. It’s really a bad idea to be successful because after that you are in the spotlight and you can have many unpleasant actions before you can enjoy a cheap meal at the White House.


However, if you want to be in the show, here’s how you can:

1.  Blame the predecessors for all the unfulfilment of your  mandate. Of course, if you were a good enough politician you took care that you would be your own predecessor from another party, under another name or gender, but that does not mean that you are an incapable, liar or thief. It just mean that your predecessors were like that.

You are super OK, all you have to do is not have too many achievements, so your successors won’t boast with them . And if your successors are you again, that it’s better. So…

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