At the restaurant

A guy who eats at the restaurant calls the waiter:

“Taste the soup, please !”

The waiter is confused and asks:

“Is the soup too hot ?”

“Taste the soup !”

“Is the soup too cold ?”

“Taste the soup !”

“Did a fly come into the soup ?”

“Taste the soup !”

The waiter is tired and says:

“OK, I taste the soup. Where is the spoon ?”

“Aha !”


  1. I wish you could’ve posted this three hours ago, I miss my morning laughs. Good on ya.
    And it is customary, if not provided a spoon, to sip the soup from the bowl, cup, or saucer.
    However, many Asian countries do not offer a spoon, as they eat with chop sticks.
    I’ll get back to you later, as I have to wash some spoons for my soup.


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