The Evolution of Education

Year 1995  —— Answer all questions

Year 2000 —— Answer any 5 questions

Year 2005 —— Select the correct answer (A, B or C)

Year 2010 —— Write either A or B

Year 2015 —— Please only read the questions

Year 2020 —— Thanks for coming !



  1. It reminds me of a friend who taught school back in the 70’s. She will ask me a question (mostly based on my opinion about something), and give me anywhere from 5 to 15 multiple choice answers. By the time she’s finished, I’ve forgotten her question and questioned myself why she would ask it if she thought she knew the answer somewhere embedded in her multiple choice answers. LOL!

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  2. Haha, great piece, I could not agree more to this, it is a sad reality. Our children apparently have made the internet their daily companion, we could approach this dilemma in that perspective, how about online learning, developing online modules? check this out—>

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  3. I can see your point, but I can’t agree on the comments criticizing children for this. I’m a high school student and I have never been asked to “Only read” yet I do have seen my education threatened by strikes, grumpy teachers and ancient methods. This complains are not seen in country with a good focus on education. And kids are leaving high school with much more learning than their parents ever had.


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