A very dangerous parrot

Dicky won a Honda at a contest. Being glad, he goes to the country with the car to show it to his parents. On the road he hits a parrot who walks quietly on the counter. Dicky takes the parrot, bandages it and when he gets home to his parents he puts the parrot in a cage.

One hour later the parrot comes back from fainting, sees the bars from the cage and says:

“To know I killed that guy with Honda…”


  1. Reblogged this on Eagle Productions and commented:
    Thanks for sharing and all the likes, follows etc (but not nearly so interesting and entertaining as in ‘real life)
    Have a great day “over there”

    “early bird” (by far my best time) c
    PS Good to have a laugh.
    Life can be far too serious a subject at times!


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