Halloween at the cemetery

In the Halloween night comes a new guard at the cemetery. A skeleton wants to scare him and jumps right in front of him: “Boo !”

The guard remains immobile.

Once again: “Boo !”

The guard looks at him without saying anything.

Being exasperated, the skeleton climbs on the fence and wants to jump on the guard, but the guard takes a shovel and strikes his back. Then the guard tells him:

“We laugh, joke… but don’t leave the cemetery !”



  1. An employee is working at night to examine bodies before they are buried or cremated.
    He examines a body, identified as José Chagas, who is ready to be cremated, and discovers that the deceased has the biggest penis he has ever seen in his life.
    “Sorry, Mr. Chagas,” the clerk thinks. But I can not send you to the crematorium with this huge thing. It has to be preserved for posterity! ‘
    With a scalpel, remove the penis from the dead, keep it in a jar and go home.
    The first person to whom he shows the monstrosity is his wife.
    “I have something unbelievable to show you, my dear. You will not believe it! ‘
    Then he opens the flask and … upon seeing the contents, his wife screams, terrified:

    – ‘Oh my God!!!!! Mr. Chagas died?!?!? ‘

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