#metoo effect ! Being afraid not touching a woman, the men go to drink only in gay clubs


The amplitude of the #metoo phenomenon has started to affect the social life of men. Being cautious, they  go out to drink in gay clubs only, so they don’t risk being charged with sexual harassment if they accidentaly touch a woman and get lynched publicly on Facebook.

gay club 1

“Facebook now looks like a space for public executions”, said a man. “The problem is that besides of true victims of sexual abuse, all kinds of  <<attention whores>> have appeared, and these chiks take advantage of a very serious problem to victimize themselves. So, rather than risk meeting such a bitch in a club, I’d better go to a gay club, because there I can drink a beer or wine quietly.”

Not even the fact that certain gay clubs impose mandatory clothing does not prevent men from assaulting these clubs. “If that’s what I have to do, to epilate my legs, dress up…

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  1. The fundamental factor has not been addressed here. The reason for going out of line, probably unknowingly, to harass women sexually is often alcoholic.
    Alcohol let’s loose of the beast residing in you all day when you turn the liver-munching bottle at dusk.
    So, preference for such clubs where the purported prey doesn’t graze is nothing but an insurance move from the influence of alcohol. 

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