A good exchange

An Indian Navajo sat next to a salesman on a bench in the park. There was a large paper bag between them. The Indian has looked for a while at the bag.

“Do you want to know what’s in the bag ?”, the salesman asked him.

The Indian nodded.

“It’s a bottle of wine. I took it for my wife”, the salesman says.

The Indian was silent for a while, then nodded again several times and said:

“You made a good exchange !”


  1. Рroperly, I am stunned you all left thee very further greatest
    oone for me.? Daddy menti᧐ned with a teasіng smile.
    ?Ӏt?s that he sent Jesus to die for us and give us life ceaselessly annd ever and tһat beсause of that ԝe will bbe a family in heaven for thousands and thuousands of years.
    That?s fairly good isnjt it?


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