Let’s talk about sex

♦ In love is like at war: any hole may be a trench.

Love is like when you spend the whole night awake next to a sick child. But as in this case it is about a healthy adult girl.

Never try to explain the computer to a unwitting one. It’s easier to explain the sex to a virgin girl.

Women are useful for at least 10 reasons. I know one, but I never remember the other nine.

The man is born of the woman and all his life tries to get back into the woman.

A woman is a woman all her life. A man is a man as long as he can be a man.

♦ Marriage is the price that men pay for sex. Sex is the price women pay for marriage.

♦ A risk-free pleasure is less pleased.

♦ The only smart way to behave with a woman is to have sex with her if she is beautful. If she is ugly, then it is having sex with her girlfriend.

A gossip is like sex: if you start it you have to finish it.


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