Student accused of terrorism after opening a window on a bus


Bad start of the academic year for Sam Dickerson, a second year student at Columbia University in New York, who was arrested by the police and is being investigated on charge of terrorism after he dared to open a window on a bus full of old retirees on Friday.

01 terorist

“I was going to the market to buy some vegetables to make a soup when this guy got on the bus. He was unshaved and looks like regular satanist junkie, like all young people of his age”, said Mrs. Shepherd, a survivor of the slaughter.

“Until we figure out what’s going on he grabbed the window with his hands and started to pull on it. It was a havoc, Sir ! A terrible stream of air was made suddenly which has irreparably damaged us. I was lucky though, because I hid under the skirt of a Hispanic woman and put my…

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