The freedom we gave up

Extremly fast internet expansion – almost unknown to the public 20 years ago, indispensable even in the peasant toilets in the yard today – has given us the illusion that freedom of expression has finally come to its golden age. Although it’s not like that. Maybe only in the virtual world, but not in reality.

Not just Umberto Eco

was cruel to the fools of the global village who come to express themselves without discernment on the internet. Eco did not hesitate to write about the aberrations of contemporaneity, his text about extremism of political correctness being one of the first to dare to oppose generalized stupidity.


so praised a decade ago, has been a great failure. Lack of rigor, income and visitor, blogging has died as classic journalism tends to die.

On the other hand, citizen censorship has reached a level where official censorship never hopes to reach. If they couldn’t become content creators, many of the global village’s fools have become censors.


is very visible on social media platforms. Facebook is the most relevant example.

When you enter Facebook, you actually give up much of your freedom of speech because you have to obey  “community standards”. So any organized group, however oranized, may shut your mouth on behalf of these community standards.

That’s already too much. If these idiots of global village dealing with censorship are incapable of doing the good, then it’s better they don’t do the evil. If they are incapable of understanding arguments and irony, then it is better they do not read. Just look at the pictures and take out their pimples.

Patrick Andre de Hillerin

SOURCE:  Catavencii 

Translated and adapted by Doctor Parrot


  1. Privacy has been given up for sure – a foregone conclusion with the internet. But what’s funny about it – when we were young, people kept a diary and had a fit if anyone read it. Now, we write every little thing about our lives on line and get teed-off if NO ONE reads it!!!

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