The bill for the Last Supper

The Last Supper is over and the waiter brings the bill to Jesus. The Son of God looks at the bill and is stunned: 30 pieces of silver !

“John, do you have 30 silver coins ?”, asks Jesus.

“No, Lord, I gave all my money to the poor.”

“Andrew, do you have the 30 silver coins ?”, asks Jesus again.

The same answer.

“Peter ?”

Peter shrugged: he has no money either. Jesus asks the last apostle:

“Judas, do you have the 30 silver pieces ?”

“No, Lord, but I have an idea…”


  1. I’m pretty sure of the kind of people Jesus felt comfortable around and who most needed his love. Pretty glad I’m not so pious and that my sense of humour helped me out of hell with His love.

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  2. After resurrection Jesus lived peacefully in Three kings palace , occassionally appearing infront of 12 folllowers.
    He was not dead during Crucification…Let another three kings like America…make another christ for Tax money

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