What you didn’t know about George Soros

♦ The California earthquakes are caused by George Soros to shake money out of the Americans’ pockets.

George Soros is also the bastard who pours water in gasoline at the gas stations.

90 % of cars on tram lines are parked there even by George Soros.

♦ George Soros is the asshole who removes the refrigerators from the outlet to Miami Beach especially for you to drink hot beer.

♦ George Soros is accustomed to stop the elevators between floors and piss on them.

♦ Every time you are at the bar and go to the toilet, then you find your beer bottle empty on the table, you must know that Soros drank your beer.

♦ Soros spends billions of dollars a year to realize his greatest dream: to make Hillary Clinton immortal. So much he hates the Americans !


Translated and adapted by Doctor Parrot

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