Censorship uber alles !

Hello dear comrade bloggers !

I’m Kim Jong Mark Zuckerberg, the great boss of Facebook.

I was recently in North Korea where I saw interesting pretty things that made me feel great. The most I liked the Juche reforms that the North Korean luminous leader Kim Jong-un applied so well in his country and whom I want to apply to my Facebook under the name of Community Standards.

So, who doesn’t give me money to promote his page I shall characterize his posts as spam and censor them.

Then, who  won’t have a profile picture according to the Juche Community Standards, that is Kim Jong-un haircut, will be banned.

To make a North Korean revolution in Facebook, all users must know the Juche Community Standards of Facebook as well as the laws and customs of the North Korean people. Only then it is possible to educate our Facebook users in a way that suits them and inspire in them an ardent love to pay for promoting their pages and not just posting on groups.

Give me your money, stupid bloggers !

Kim Jong Zuckerberg


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