Striptease club

A woman decides to take her husband to a strip club to celebrate his birthday.

At the entrance, the guard welcomes them:

“Oh, Mr. Dan ! How are you ? Come in !”

His wife is amazed and asks:

“Have you been here ?”

“Oh, no ! He’s in my bowling team.”

They sit down at a table and the waiter comes and brings him a Budweiser. Wife becomes more and more agitated:

“How did the chick know what kind of beer you drink ?”

“She’s part of woman bowling team. We often meet them.”

A striptease babe comes to their table and says:

“Hi, Dan ! Do you want the usual dance ?”

His wife slaps him and gets nervous out. Dan flees after her and catches her even she gets into a taxi. Dan tries to explain to her how the strip girl mistaken him, but she screams and hits him with her bag. The taxi driver sees them and says:

“Wow, Dan ! But what kind of bitch you got today ?”



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