Happy accident

A very beautiful woman has a pretty serious accident: her car collides with a man’s car. Their cars are now just wrecks. They squeeze hard out of the twisted piles, and the woman comes to talk to the man:

“You are a man and I am a woman. Look at our cars: there’s nothing left of them ! However, we don’t even have a scratch. This is a sign that God wanted to meet this way and become friends.”

“I agree with you”, says the man feeling flattered. “It must be a sign.”

After a moment of silence, the woman says:

“Look, another sign ! The car is destroyed, but the wine bottle inside is intact. Surly God wanted us to drink the wine in honor of this unique chance of being left alive and met.”

She takes the bottle and gives it to the man.

He opens it with suspicion…. but eventually he drinks half of the bottle and then gives it to her.

The woman takes the bottle, puts the stopper and gives it to the man.

“Don’t you drink ?”, the man asks.

“No… I think I’ll wait for the police.”


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