Buy a fish hook !

A young man moves to another city and wants to find a job at a supermarket.

“Do you have any sales experience ?” the manager asked him.

“Yes”, said the young man.”I was bagman for a while.”

After watching him for a few seconds, the manager decided to give him a chance. The job interview ended with the words:

“Well, you start working tomorrow. I shall come to the end of the tide to see how you did.”

His first day of work was tiring, but the young man managed to resist until the end. At the closing time the manager went down to him and asked:

“How many sales have you made today ?”

“Only one.”

“Only one ? Did you have a single customer today ? The average of our sales is hundreds a day.  How big was the sale ?”

“350,256 dollars”, said the young man.

“350,256 dollars ???!!!… Oh, God !… But what the hell did you sell ?

“Er… I first sold a small fish hook to the customer. The secod time I sold him a medium-sized one. Then a big one. After that a fishing rod with the reel. I asked him where he went and told me “to the sea”. I told him that for this he needed a boat, so we went to the boats department and sold him a twin engine Cris Craft boat. Then he told me he thought his Honda car did not have the strength to take the boat. So I took him to the car department and sold him a SUV Hammer H3.”

The manager was overwhelmed:

“Do you mean you sold a boat and a Hammer to a guy who came here to buy a fish hook ?!”

The young man:

“No… He had come to buy just some tampons for his wife. And then I told him: “Well, if your weekend is destroyed ,why don’t you go fishing ?”


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