A dead man

A funeral procession on a country road. The dead man slips out of the coffin and stays in the middle of the road. Being crushed with pain and alcohol, people did not see the event and move on.

After a while a drunken man driving a tractor traverses the same road and crosses the dead man. He scares himself and throws the dead man in the lake.

Some poachers fished with dynamite on the lake. After an explosion, the dead rises to the suface of the water. Being frightened, the poachers take the dead and throw him in the border area guarded by the border guards.

When the border guards see the dead they shoot a warning fire. The dead didn’t move. Then they shoot in the dead a bunch of bullets with the machine gun. After that one of the guards approaches the dead and, being surprised, says:

“Alas ! This is not a criminal, he’s Jhon from the village. He got drunk and fell asleep here… Let’s get him to the hospital.

At the hospital, the dead is urgently taken to the surgery room. After two hours of exhaustive surgery, the doctor comes out and says:

“You were lucky, the surgery was successful ! He will live !”


  1. Lol. Story paints an illusion perhaps of how political identity theft and insurgency proliferates. So much of comedy is founded in tragedy. Dunno what magnetised me to this particular post from your homepage offerings. Thanks for recent follow. I’ll read more here later, hopefully.

    Liked by 1 person

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