An American in Paris

An American arrives in Paris and has breakfast at a cafe. A Frenchman who was chewing a gum sits beside him. Although the American ignores him, the Frenchman asks:

“Do you eat all the bread ?”

The American, being badly willing, responds: “Obviously !”

The Frenchman makes a bubble gum and says: “We don’t. In France we were only eatintig the core and the bark we threw at the trash can. Then we recycle the bark and make the croissants from it that we sell them in America.”

The American doesn’t say anything. The Frenchman contiunes: “Do you put marmalade on bread ?”

The American: “Obviously !”

The Frenchman turns his chewing gum between his teeth and says: “We don’t. In France at breakfast we eat fruits and the shells are thrown to the trash. Then we recycle the peels, make them marmalade and sell it in America.”

Then the American asks: “Are you, the Frenchmen,  having sex ?”

“Of course”, the Frenchman smiled.

“And what do you do with the used condoms ?”

“We throw them, of course.”

“We don’t. In the US, we gather them in a garbage can, then recycle them and make them chweing gum and sell it in France !”


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