What politics means

Little Dicky asks his father what politics means. His father climbs him on his knees and explains it by giving an example:

“Listen carefully, kid ! I earn money, so I am the CAPITALISM. Your mother takes care of the money, so she is the GOVERNMENT. Your grandfather takes care that everything is okay, so he’s the SYNDICATE. The maid is the WORKING CLASS and we all work for you, the PEOPLE, so that you feel good and don’t miss anything. And your baby brother is our common FUTURE.

The kid keeps everything he heard and goes to bed. At midnight he wakes up because his baby brother made a shit in his diaper and cry. Dicky goes to wake up his mother, but she sleeps so deep that he did not succeed. He went to tell the maid, but his father was playing with her in bed while his grandfather was watching them through the window. No one noticed him, so he goes back to bed.

The next day his father asks him whether he can say in his own words what politiccs means. The kid remembers what he saw at night and says:

“Politics is when the CAPITALISM takes advantage of the WORKING CLASS and the helpless SYNDICATE looks at them. The GOVERNMENT is asleep, no one takes the PEOPLE into account and the FUTURE is in the shit !”


  1. Clever Philosophizing little Dicky Bird doctored his parrot’s crude language to get rid of it’s stigma. What a good Teacher you are. Lessons learnt are worth their weight in gold, aren’t they.

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