Don’t disturb the police

Old Dicky wanted to go to bed when his wife told him to go to the yard to turn off the light. When Dicky arrived in the yard he noticed that some thieves were stealing from his yard and garden. He quickly called the police and they asked him if the thieves had come into the house and attacked him.

“No, but they continue to steal from my yard and garden”, Dicky said.

The operator responds:

“Sorry, but all patrol cars are on the ground. Close yourself in the house and we’ll send someone when he’s back at the headquarters.”

“OK”, Dicky says, and shuts off the phone.

He had thought for about 30 seconds, then called back to the police:

“Good evening, I just called you to tell you about the thieves in the yard…  Don’t worry and stop sending anyone to check. I just shot them !” and turns off the phone.

In the next five minutes six police cars, an elite squad, a helicopter, two fire engines, an ambulance and the head of the local police were on the  crime scene and caught the thieves alive on the fact.

The cop: “I thought you shot them…”

Dicky: “I thought you have no one available !!!”



  1. Was probably a cop snowdropping. All the rest on duty were stalking citizens and each other online setting up investigations purely for funding purposes?


    • No purpose other than humor.
      On the other hand, everything is OK to the extraordinary police… Are you a cop ? Don’t jump at a conclusion so easily from a joke and put your gun back in the sheath ! 🙂


      • Heal thyself… Don’t read too much into it. I am a fan of good cops in a democratic society. I guess we all have our own lawful experiences and some have listened to each other and been to the funerals without judging or falling into criminal behavior. Some of us have had a few drinks in our time and changed our attitudes… without being drawn to show our hands so easy.
        Beautiful day 🦁♇🎲🎲♥♦♣♠🀄🎯


      • The job of the police and other state institutions is to do the job for which they are paid from citizens’ money, citizens who have the moral duty not to praise them, but to reveal their weaknesses in order to make them better. It’s an evolutionary goal, if we were talking about purposes…
        Humor has such an evolutionary purpose.
        A good day to you, too !


      • Good on you. We are probably on the same page. Hopefully our stress levels and general health is too. I have a moral duty to do my best whether the incentive comes from within or without. If humour needs to be explained…. 🙂😄 going to be a beautiful day. Captain Jack Sparrow was asked the bird 🐰🦅 thanks for the chat

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