She is not a protestant

A chick has never been in her native village for more than five years. One day she gets home, but when she crosses the treshold of the house her father screams at her:

“Where have you been all this time ? Why didn’t you write us a letter ? Why didn’t you call us ?”

The chick begins to cry and says among the tears:

“Dad, I’ve become a prostitute…”

“What ? Get out of here, sinful woman ! You are a shame to our Catholic family ! I deny you !”

“As you think, dad. I just want to give this gorgeous mink coat to my mother and give you that card worth 5,000 euros, as well the property papers of the villa that I just bought for you… Also, I wanted to invite you to spend the holidays on my yacht…”

Father asks:

“What did you say you became ?”

She starts crying again and says:

“Prostitute, dad…”

“Oh, my God ! What did you scare me ! I understood Protestant…”


  1. I should probably thank you for the ‘follow’, but to be quite honest – I don’t quite see why ?
    You seem to have been looking at one picture (of nearly 7 000) and decides to follow, however, I can find no images on your blog, nor any other items that would indicate an interest for nature, travel or photography?
    And if I’m right, I have to conclude that your true agenda is marketing your own blog?
    And I have just finished cleaning up my blog, thus reducing the number of ‘followers’ from more than a thousand to less than 150! (Puh!)
    But if you really have a legitime interest in pictures, nature or travelling, I’m prepared to give you the benefit of doubt and give you a trial run!


  2. It’s not easy being a Protestant. In the Presbyterian church we have ordinary grape juice at Communion not wine. Seems we don’t allow “spirits” in the Spirit. We usually sit in the back rows by the door. That’s first out to the parking lot and home for the football games. Seems the football players do more kneeling than the Catholics though. Those Methodists sing too loud and the Baptists pray too long. I heard those Episcopalians serve martinis at Communion. Is that true ?

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  3. Okay, I like this one. This one even got me to chuckle a little bit. I am going to reblog this one for you. Thank you for taking the time to post it.

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