A well-known worker

One day a very wealthy businessman comes to the mechanical workshop where he is looking for the worker Dicky. Dicky’s boss is very curios and asks his worker:

“Since when important people know you ?”

“Hey, boss, I know a lot of important people… I know even the Pope of Rome ! If you don’t believe me, then let’s go to Rome.”

Said and done. They both go to Rome. Arriving in San Pietro Square, Dicky tells his boss:

“You sit here and I’m going to the Pope and we greet you on the balcony.”

“That I do not believe at all !”

Dicky goes upstairs, goes out on the balcony with the Pope holding a hand behind his throat, and when he greets his boss, he sees him fainting. Dicky runs quikly to his boss:

“What’s up, boss ?”

Being dizzy, he answered:

“Dicky, it was not a big deal that I saw you with the Pope… But a group of Chinese tourists went over here and one of them asked:<< Who’s the old man standing near Dicky ? >>”



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