Psychology class

The psychology teacher explains to the students how is with the three basic human states: calm, irritation and anger. He picks up a phone and calls a random number:

“Hello, I want to talk to Jhon…”, says the teacher.

“I’m sorry, you have the wrong number. No Jhon lives here.”

“Students”, the teacher explanis, “this was the state of calm”.

He still calls te same number again.

“Hello, please, John…”

“Sir, I told you there is no John living here !”

“Here is the state of state of irritation”, the teacher tells the students.

The third call…

“Hallo, is Jhon at home ? Please give Jhon to me on the phone…”

“Please do not call anymore. I’ve already told you there’s no John here.”

“This was the third state, that of anger.”

Student Dicky stands up and says:

“There is also the fourth state: the dispair.”

Dicky picks up the phone and calls the same number.

“Hello, good afternoon. I’m Jhon. Did anyone call me ?”


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