Vampires’ night

Three vampires meet in the morning after they have walked all night long, all of them being dirty with blood on their mouths.

“Well, how did you do it last night ? You’re a little dirty with blood…”

“You see, I sucked the blood of the two Mary’s sheep… It looks like you’re more full of blood. How did you do it ?”

“So and so… Only five of John’s pigs.”

To the third:

“Oh boy, I think you’ve raged !… your whole face is full of blood !”

“I have raged a shit ! Have you seen the village church tower ? I didn’t see it !”


      • My dear, for me you are Srebia… I’m not an enemy of Serrbia… It was my fault to go in Serbia. I can’t help you at all… I must be a bagger to eat… Today I eat nothing… For two months they do not give us water to wash… I can’t say anything in te public, because they sent me into te mad house… This is Romania… You have no rights… you must pray to god or you are mad…. Don’t come in Romania. Here is NAZI on the power, for many years…

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      • My dear, your Serbia is a fascist country… And I never go in your country… And I never forgrt.
        Do you know, in my region all the peasants are slovenian. And I’m a slovenian too… Serbia, do not ever contact me.


      • Jedna lasta ne čini proleće, prijatelju. Ne možeš čitav narod da utrpaš u kategoriju fašista, zbog loših iskustava sa pojedincima. Budi dobro!

        One swallow doesn’t make a spring, my friend. You can’t put the whole nation in fascist category, because of bad experiences with individuals. Stay well!


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