Our mistress is more beautiful

Doctor Dicky had dinner at a restaurant with his wife, when a very ardent blonde passed by saying:

“Hi, Dicky !”

His wife, feeling irritated, tells him:

“Who’s this ?”

“She’s my mistress !”

“What do you mean, you got a mistress ? Since when does this happen ?”

“For five years.”

“Five years ! Tomorrow I call my lawyer and divorce. You will be ruined !”

“Think a little: if you divorce, each of us will have half of what we now have. You will not have that big house anymore, you will not have a new Cadillac every year and will not play golf and bridge every day with your so-called friends…”

Even then a redheaded woman passes to their table sayng:

“Hi, Dicky !”

“Who else is this ?” ask his wife.

“It’s Dr. Stevenson’s  mistress.”

“Doctor Stevenson also has a mistress ?”

“Yes, about ten years.”

“Ours is much beautiful !”


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