Niet, Krakadilu !

To raise the morale of troops during the war in Afganistan, the Russians thought of equipping each military train with women. After a while, being exhausted by work, there are only a few of them left. So it happened that only Ellena Mihaela Julinskaia remained in a wagon. The commander of the train called her to him and said:

“Julinskaia, here’s how we do: I’m telling you a riddle, and if you don’t guess then you have to have sex with all the soldiers in the wagon.”

“O.K. !”

“What’s big, gray, and has big ears and a trunk ?”

“Krakadilu !”

“Niet, Ellena ! Get to work !”

Great joy for soldiers.

“Now tell Ellena, did you think again ?”

“Yes, Krakadilu !”

“Niet, Ellena ! Another round !”

And like that ten times. The soldiers were now physically exhausted.

“Ellena, I have a call to you: say elephant !”

“Niet ! Krakadilu !”


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