The meaning of democracy

One day the fox went through the forest and at some point it sees an eagle flying upside down. The fox cried to the eagle:

“Yo, why do you fly upside down ?”

The eagle answers:

“What do you want ? It’s democracy and I do what I want !”

The next day the fox went upside down too, but the wolf came and f**ked it in its ass. The fox, being very angry, cried to the eagle:

“Yo, what the hell were you talking yesterday that it’s democracy and doing what you want ?”

The eagle tells it:

“You stupid fox, democracy is only for those above ! For you, the lower ones, it is ass f**king !


  1. True… true anarchy is about having a responsibility for one’s own education. The 2 R’s….
    Funny world. At least from all my pain I have developed some compassion… I hope. Democracy is also an evolutionary process, not a destination 😅

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  2. Hi Dr. Roby Parrot,

    For starters that is a great name! Hope it is real. I guess you have heard many times about Dr. Patch Adams. He took a similar track as you. There is also the “Laughing Yogi”–Ramish Padney. Here’s a link if you don’t know the guy:

    Anyway, keep up the good work and the French have kept me alive in more than one spot. Thanks. Duke

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