How hard is to fry an egg

Wife was preparing to fry an egg when her husband came home and shouted:

“Attention ! Attention ! More oil ! We need more oil ! It will burn ! Attention ! Turn it upside down ! Turn it upside down ! Turn it upside down ! Attention ! Are you crazy ? The oil will end ! Oh, God ! Salt ! Don’t forget the salt !…”

Wife, being already annoyed at the height, asks him:

“Why are you screaming like that ? Do you think I’m not able to fry an egg ?”

The husband responds very calmly:

“That’s what it was like to get you an idea just like I feel when I drive the car and you sit next to me…”


  1. One to you…ha ha…I am afraid that sounds like me…I have to sit on my hands and be quiet…Thank you for the follow ..although if you have ever driven here you would understand..My side 😉

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      • The trick is to season your frying pan first and to have a good frying pan. This is of course not easy to do. I’d love to visit. You are welcome in New Zealand anytime.

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