The perverse guy

A perverse guy walks through the borthel neighborhood and gets to a sex shop. He sees a big poster: ‘The hottest oral sex in your life with a monkey. Just $ 5.’

The perverse guy walks in quickly and asks the seller:

“What’s on that poster, man ?”

“What’s on ? Don’t you know to read ?”

“Well, but how do I know it’s the hotteset oral sex ? But if I give you the money for nothing ?”

“So, have you 5 dollars ?”

“Yes !”

“Give me the money and take the monkey and go with it around the corner. And if you do not like it, I’ll give you the money back.”

The perverse guy gives the money and goes with the monkey around the corner. Then has the hottest oral sex of his life. He steals the monkey and runs away with it to his house. He rings at the door and his wife opens:

“What are you doing here with this monkey ?”

“Shut up ! Get the monkey, teach it to cook and then pack your bags and disappear !”

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