In the desert

Infernal heat… A man was alone in the desrt. He was very thirsty… “Water !”… “Water !”… “Water !”… he cried.

In a late time, he saw a house in an oasis. He quickly walked in and found a man and a woman standing at a table. The two looked intriguied to each other without saying anything. Our man says:

“Can I drink some water ?”

No answer. The man drinks the water until he saturates.

“Can I eat ?”

The two do not say anything. The man eats until there is nothing left on the table. Now, full, the man wants to have sex with the woman…

“Can I get your wife for a while ?”

No answer. Our man has sex with the woman and then leaves. When he comes to the door he hears the woman’s husband saying:

“Are not you ashamed ?”

The woman says:

“You spoke first. So you’ll take the garbage to the dumpster !”


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