Jesus is watching you

A thief enters during the night in a house whose owners have gone on vacation. When the thief puts the money in the bag, a voice is heard:

“Jesus is watching you !”

The thief looks everywhere, but he sees nothing. Later he puts the jewels in the bag and hears the voice again:

“Jesus is watching you !”

He looks again in all directions and in a late time he sees a parrot.

“You are Jesus, bastard, I eat you alive !”

The parrot responds in an impassive voice:

“No, my name is Moses, but know that Jesus is watching you !”

The thief laugs and laughs, then asks:

“Yo, how stupid he is who baptizes the parrot Moses ?”

“The same stupid who baptized ‘Jesus’ his doberman !” answers the parrot.


  1. The icon of the parrot adds a significant element of comedy even into you writings! Looking forward to read more of your work!

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  2. Singing ѡorship sߋngs is nicе however thɑt?s not the only teϲhnique to worship.?
    Daddy stated, maybe to make Larry stop singing.
    ?There are lots of methods to woгship.

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