In bed with the mistress

He and she are in bed. The phone is ringing. She answers and then comes back to bed.

“Who was ?” he asked.

“My husband.”

“Then I’m leaving.”

“Relax. He said he was still in for another hour, because he came out for a beer with you…”



  1. Hey there! Tnx for following. 🙂

    This “lover situation” reminded me on something and it goes like this…

    A man took his time with a new lover in her accomodation. After intercourse he looked around and saw a picture of a man. He asked her whether it is her husband. She said: “No!” Then he assumed it might be her brother. Again, her answer was – no. He has been already a little impatient without having a clue who the man in the picture is. Finally, he managed to ask: “Hell, so who is this guy?” She seemed to be a bit reserved when she answered: “Me, before gender operation.”


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